Your Canadian Dairy Showcase

April 6 - 7 2022

CDX Founding Partner - Zoetis

Zoetis offers dairy producers and veterinarians the most comprehensive portfolio of dairy products and services available, designed to not only keep your animals healthy and productive, but also designed to help producers achieve their goals.




The team, including Jeff Peters, Dr. Allison Pylypjuk DVM (ON Tech Services Veterinarian) and Dwayne Bryant continue to be impressed in the advancements in technology, management expertise, nutrition knowledge and health tools that allow producers to continue to reach higher production levels within their herds. At the same time, improving the overall health status and longevity of their animals. With a clear focus on prevention and optimizing their environments, dairy producers are achieving results that 10 years ago, seemed to be wishful thinking. At Zoetis, we’re very happy to be part of one piece of the big puzzle.


One of the best things about exhibiting at CDX is that it is a great opportunity to connect with a dairy producers from all parts of the country (as well as some from abroad) and hear first-hand the challenges and opportunities they face each day and how the products and programs Zoetis offers impacts those. The networking producers and other industry partners is invaluable.

Meet Zoetis

Team Zoetis meeting Producers at CDX

Zoetis at CDX 2017

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