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April 6 - 7 2022

CDX Founding Partner - Jaylor

From small to large dairy operations, Jaylor has the right solution for your needs! Jaylor was built upon word of mouth and success on farms. Its reputation for high quality spread rapidly, ensuring Jaylor mixers were soon distributed throughout North America and over 50 countries world-wide. Today, Jaylor is a successful international corporation, but its never forgotten where it started and still maintains its roots firmly planted on the farm, with its production facilities located in rural Orton, Ontario.


Jaylor’s innovative and patented auger produces a quality mix faster and cleaner. A fundamental feature of the Jaylor auger are the ‘Square Cut’ edges that contribute to its industry-leading ability to process baled forage and other roughage, and mix it into a uniform TMR that resists sorting. The patented sloped top prevents bridging of round bales, allowing them to be rapidly cut apart while increasing the mixing action. The unique slide plate gently and efficiently gathers the feed into the auger for elevation in a way that decreases friction on the feed, reducing horsepower requirements by 20%. Jaylor founder, Jake Tamminga, was born and raised in Holland and immigrated with his family to Canada in 1977.
In 1993, Tamminga began designing and manufacturing innovative Vertical TMR (Total Mix Ration) feed mixers for dairy farmers.

Gammon Gabs about the TMR mixer

Jaylor 5275 TMR mixer Ration Demo

Jaylor 5850 TMR -Armstrong Farm

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