Your Canadian Dairy Showcase

April 6 - 7 2022

CDX Founding Partner - ADM

When you choose ADM for any of your dairy cattle needs, you get Dairy Solutions® you can count on. ADM’s Dairy Solutions Value Proposition focuses on three crucial areas involving today’s dairy herd operations . . .

  • Maximizing the whole dairy business margin
  • Optimizing health and reproduction
  • Achieving sustainability

Helping you grow herd income over feed cost (Return Over Management) in all phases of dairy production, while raising the bar on herd health and reproduction, is achieved through ADM’s on-farm consultation, proprietary feed technologies and situational-based dairy programs.
What’s the value of achieving sustainability? It’s priceless. ADM Animal Nutrition™ dairy feed programs are balanced to minimize excess nutrient excretion providing for more efficient nutrient use and environmental sustainability. ADM’s Dairy Solutions help achieve efficient animal performance, productivity and health in a sustainable and consumer-friendly manner.
ADM Animal Nutrition offers you resources, products and ingredients, all supported through industry feed mills partners, research and development, and value-based solutions that include:

  • Diverse portfolio of nutritional programs for all phases of dairy production
  • On-farm herd consultation and services
  • Resolution® farm-specific formulations
  • ADM Profit Analysis tool
One of the main reasons we as a company decided to sign on to be a Founding Partner with CDX team was the strong commitment that they have with the dairy industry and specially the dairy producers and their families to see the most top notch technology and speakers from around the globe.

ADM Animal Nutrition team works by our motto: “Dairy Solutions: Improving your bottom line. We truly focus on bringing a new way of doing business to dairies.

Make sure you visit us in Hall 2 during CDX 2018!

Founding Partners